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  3. The Parthian Campaign

 Since the time of Nero, The Parthians were allowed to appoint the king of Armenia. This appointee could only assume the throne by consent of the Roman emperor.

  Osroes , the Parthian king, declared Axidares the Armenian king; replacing the king who was approved by Rome. This was unacceptable and Trajan left Rome to handle the problem . Osroes deposed Axidares and wanted Trajan to accept Parthamasiris. This did not appease Trajan and he invaded Armenia in 114.

At Elegia, he was met by Parthamasiris, who laid his diadem at Trajan's feet, expecting to receive it back. Trajan refused and proclaimed Armenia a Roman province.

Trajan marched south into Mesopotamia, taking Nisibis and Batnae. He spent the winter at Antioch.

 Trajan conquered Mesopotamia as the Parthians were divided by internal revolt and soon Ctesiphon the Parthian capitol was taken .

Trajan issued several Parthian/military themed sestertii during this period, some of which are listed under the historical section as well.

  1. Profectio

  2. Annexation of Armenia

  3. Regna Adsignata

  4. Rex Parthvs (Parthamasiris)

  5. Rex Parthis Datvs(Parthamaspates)

  6. The Antioch Eathquake

  7. Imperator VIII and VIIII

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