An overview of the fascinating reverses that can be found on the sestertii of Trajan.





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Who was Trajan? - a brief biography.

What did he look like? - a pictoral view of the bust types of Trajan.

Architectural and Related Types

  1. 1st Arch

  2. 2nd Arch

  3. Aqua Traiana

  4. Basilica Ulpia

  5. Bridge

  6. Circus Maximus

  7. Column of Trajan

    7a. Column of Minerva

  8. Forum Traiani

  9. Portum Traiani

  10. Statue of Trajan on Horseback

  11.  Temple of Honos

  12.  Temple of Venus Genetrix

  13. Via Traiana

Historical Policies, Acts and Events

  1. Alimenta Italiae

  2. Annexation of Arabia

  3. Annexation of Armenia

  4. The Antioch Earthquake

  5. Congiarums

  6. Regna Adsignata

  7. Restitution of Italy

  8. Rex Parthis Datvs(Parthamaspates)

      8a. Rex Parthvs (Parthamasiris)

  9. Senate presents globe

  10. Trajan's Speech

  11. Wreath Types


  1. 98-102AD military types

  2. Dacian War

  3. Parthian Campaign

Gods, Goddesses, and Personifications

  1. Annona(Abundantia)

  2. Aequitas

  3. Ceres

  4. Concordia

  5. Felicitas

  6. Fortuna

  7. Libertas

  8. Mars

  9. Pax

  10. Providentia

  11. Roma

  12. Salus

  13. Securitas

  14. Spes

  15. Virtus and Felicitas

Trajan's Family

  1. Plotina

  2. Marciana

  3. Matidia


An interesting Barbaric Sestertius of Trajan


A small selection of some interesting types in other denominations:

The Aureus

  1. 3 Standards

  2. Bust of Sol

  3. Annexation of Arabia

The Denarius

  1. Nerva hands globe to Trajan 98-99AD

  2. Mars 101-102AD

  3. Statue of Hercules101-102AD

  4. Victory inscribing shield on cippus 101-102AD

  5. Victory attaching shield inscribed DACICA to tree 103-111AD

  6. Trophy 103-111AD

  7. Trajan in quadriga 103-111AD

  8. Dacia kneeling in front of Pax seated 103-111AD

  9. Victory crowning Trajan 103-111AD

  10. Dacian mourning seated on shield right, sword below 103-111AD

  11. Dacia mourning seated on shields facing left 103-111AD

  12. Captive Dacian with arms bound behind back seated on shields right 103-111AD

  13. Victory with wreath and palm 103-111AD

  14. Aeternitas 103-111AD

  15. Annexation of Arabia 103-111AD

  16. The Danube 103-111AD

  17. Trajan's column (sm statue) 112-114AD

  18. 3 standards 112-114AD

  19. Trajan's father 112-115AD

  20. Equestrian statue 112-117AD

  21. Via Traiana 112-115AD

  22. Trajan's Column (lg statue) 114-117AD

  23. Genius (rare bust type) 114-117AD

  24. Antioch earthquake 114-117AD

  25. Providentia 115-117AD

  26. Bust of Sol 115-117AD

The Quinarius

  1. Victory

The Dupondius

  1. Trajan's Column

  2. Abundantia

The As

  1. Trajan's Column

  2. 3 standards

  3. 2 busts of Trajan

  4. The club of Hercules as column

The Semis

  1. Table/wreath and vase

The Quadrans

  1. She wolf facing left

Coins of the mines

  1. Metalli Vlpiani


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